Honestly Yummy: Lick Ice Creams

On Saturday my sister and I spent the day in Austin with our Aunt and Uncle, and we came upon a new ice cream shop: Lick.

Lick is a company committed to making the delicious ice cream we all know and love, without all the artificial colors or flavors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, or additives that we don’t love as much. They only use real, honest ingredients, from local family-owned dairy farms, while still delivering amazing, creamy, and delicious flavor! Lick also makes dairy free and/or vegan flavors as well, which is a great bonus!

They have such adorable, trendy decor…I was immediately attracted to the bright colors and fun lighting! And all of their flavors are so different. Whether you’re feeling classic, adventurous, or somewhere in the middle, with flavors like Milk Chocolate, Roasted Beets and Fresh Mint, and Texas Sheet Cake, there’s something at Lick for everyone!

  I got the dairy free “Tart Toasted Coconut” flavor, and it was TO DIE FOR. So yummy. Soso yummy.

If you are ever in Austin, I highly recommend you take an ice cream stop at Lick, and enjoy some honestly delicious ice cream!


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